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Woman in a pink sweater, close up of hands writing on a note book with the words 7 productivity hacks I do every day! Online business strategies

  1. Prioritize Your Day
  2. Act "As If"
  3. Morning News Detox 
  4. Set Tomorrow's Focus
  5. Visualize Your Goals
  6. Cut Out Negativity
  7. Simplify and Focus

7 Productivity hacks I do every day!

As we dive into the world of online coaching and entrepreneurship, it's all about staying productive and keeping our eyes on the prize. I'm thrilled to share some of my favorite strategies that have kept me on track in my online coaching business. These tips are like magic tricks that can work wonders in any niche and have been total game-changers on my journey:

  1. Prioritize Your Day: I start my workday by dedicating the first 90 minutes to game-changing activities. This focused approach sets a productive tone for the entire day.
  2. Act "As If": When faced with challenges, I ask myself, "What would I do if ... [fill in a worst-case scenario about the challenge I am tackling]?" Then, I take action based on that scenario. Acting "as if" can be a powerful motivator.
  3. Morning News Detox: I've found that avoiding the news in the morning is essential. Our brains tend to focus on negativity, and immersing ourselves in news can reinforce negative thoughts.
  4. Set Tomorrow's Focus: At the end of each day, I jot down three key tasks to tackle the following day. Reviewing this note first thing in the morning helps me reconnect and set my intention for the day.
  5. Visualize Your Goals: I write down one realistic goal related to my business and place it where I'll see it often—whether it's on my laptop, fridge, or bag. This simple practice keeps me motivated and aligned with my objectives.
  6. Cut Out Negativity: Instead of forcing positivity, I focus on eliminating negative self-talk. This is truly easier said than done but it is surprising how quickly this shift can improve your mindset.
  7. Simplify and Focus: I keep my goals small and straightforward, making them feel achievable. By focusing on what's in front of me, I avoid becoming overwhelmed.

These practical tips are like your secret weapons in the online coaching and business world. By prioritizing your day, thinking "what if," skipping the morning news, planning for tomorrow, visualizing your goals, ditching negativity, and keeping things simple, you're setting yourself up for success.

Just remember, it's all about consistent practice. So, as you venture forward on your journey, embrace these tips and let them be your trusted companions. With determination and a clear focus, you're well on your way to becoming a standout online coach. Cheers to your future success and a thriving coaching business!

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