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Community Matters to Your Business.

When you are trying to get more followers on social media and subscribers to your email lists, it pays to consider the benefits of surrounding yourself with raving fans over just acquiring new customers. When you have fans, not followers, the benefits will become clear rather quickly.

Here are just a few benefits of surrounding yourself with community...

They Spread the Word Energetically

Your fans will wait with excitement for your newest offering and tell everyone about it, too. They love being part of the group and will volunteer their time freely to help new people in your groups. They love telling people how great you (and your products) are and seem to feel really good about spreading the word.

Provide Social Proof Authentically

The more people you have commenting and engaging with you on social media as well as following you, the more “social proof” you have to show new customers and clients. It just means that others like you, so they might too. If I see that my friend Betty likes that new local restaurant, it’s going to provide a lot more proof than anything a stranger can say!

They Become Repeat Buyers

People who are fans of something will buy everything that comes out. Think about a famous book series, movie series, or game – people wait for days in line to get the newest thing. If you create something amazing and your customers love you so much that they’ll wait in line to get to the next thing you are putting out.

They Tell Your Story for You

When you have fans following you, they will tell your brand story for you by telling their story. They’ll tell people who come to your Facebook groups how great your products or services are and you won’t even have to say much at all. They do the work for you, and the best part about that, is they do it for free!

They Help Your Other Customers for Free

This shows itself in online groups and forums. Even a good Twitter thread will demonstrate the group mind of a true fan today. When a true fan sees a customer have issues and you’ve not had time to answer, they’ll step up to help. This is going to make new customers walk away happier and as fans, too.

It's weird but it is true, think about a time when you've seen someone struggling on social media and jumped in to help with what you learned from someone else.

Helps Build Your Credibility

The more loyal fans that you have, the more others will see you as credible. Your trustworthiness goes up as more people interact positively with you in public. When you provide such amazing results that you generate fan-like behaviour, it’ll get even better.

How to accomplish all this? Well, the way to get more raving fans is to provide better customer care, create the best products and most useful services for them, and then talk about everything openly. Encourage your customers to talk about it. Encourage everyone to be open and go out of your way to give your customers what they want and need. In fact, always make it all about them to reap the benefits of surrounding yourself with raving fans.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller.

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