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Woman sitting at a table with a cup of coffee and oranges, talking to her business coach.

We all need a little coaching now and then...

Coaches are pretty amazing, it might be time to consider a few ways a coach can benefit you.  

  • Provides guidance to help you reach your goals.
  • Supports you in your best efforts, especially when you are feeling discouraged.
  • Takes mystery and the overwhelm out of your next steps.
  • Helps you find new ways to grow.
  • Assists you with positive connections with others through networking.
  • So much more!

"Does coaching work? Yes. Good coaches provide a truly important service.
They tell you the truth when no one else will.”

Jack Welch

While I believe coaches are pretty incredible, the journey to finding one is not. It can be complicated and overwhelming unless you have the right approach. This is where these simple steps will come in handy!

Prepare Yourself:  No one's going to want to coach you unless you are ready to be coached. As a client, you need to be open-minded, take and understand criticism, and not be defensive when things go wrong. You will have to work hard and be able to show just how much effort you're willing to put in to succeed. You are going to need to be great at communicating by being able to actively listen, and express your needs.

Create Goals: While you might want a coach for several areas of life, you'll have better success if you're specific in what you want and need. If you start with clarity and with specific goals in mind, you will have better success.

Be Selective: When looking for a coach, you should start looking for candidates in your network. Talk to those around you who have accomplished the goals you are looking to accomplish. Who helped them get there? You also will need to consider the personalities of those you select, picking a coach you know communicates well or feel like you can work with.

Know what you want: Never leave anything to chance, and don't "wing it" when it comes time for a conversation to happen. Some coaches call it a discovery call - which is good because the discovery will go both ways! A great coach will be able to help you on that first contact. So be sure to know your goals, what you hope to get out of the relationship, and be prepared to be asked, exactly what you intend to put into it.

Don't be afraid to ask: Asking questions can sometimes be the hardest part of the process. At some point, you're going to have to quit talking about your own goals and get the asking part over with. The key here is to make sure there is time to talk, which means setting up an actual appointment or meeting to discuss the potential relationship. 

In the end, keep a positive attitude no matter how it goes and you do not have to hire the first person you speak with. Move on to the next person on your list and try again. Eventually, you will find the right coach for you.

The Coach: Book cover by Joelene MIlls

The Coach: Finding, Learning, Becoming

Discover the POWER of coaching to take your business to the next level.

In "The Coach - Finding, Learning, Becoming" you are going to learn about the power of both receiving and providing coaching services. You will start by learning what coaching is all about, how you can benefit from finding your own coach...and ultimately become a coach to help others.

With "The Coach", you will discover...

  • What coaching really is and why you should have one.
  • The best practices for finding a coach to help you on your journey.
  • How to become the best coach possible.

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