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4 - Niching Myths Debunked

First things first - what is a niche? A niche is a popular buzzword you will hear a lot of in the business world. It is when your focus on a specified portion inside a larger category. 

For example, health and Fitness is an industry where niching is pivotal. The narrower you go, the better your options. You can be a nutrition and fitness coach OR you can niche down to nutrition for gut health and yoga coach. Marketing to a specific set of people, looking for specific problems to solve.

"We are all experts in our own little niches."
Alex Trebek

Over the years, what I have come to realize, by helping coaches get started in business, is that no amount of information about the importance of niching down will help if their minds are already fixed on resisting this concept due to their limiting beliefs.

Which - is totally fine, I can’t force anyone to take what I think is the faster, shorter route to growing their business. We all have to learn our own way, as we grow. Right?

Niching your business is not complex or limiting, it will keep you focused and help you with targeted marketing. When you get past these 4 common limiting beliefs.

  • Niching will limit my business.– Okay, this isn’t exactly a lie. Niching down will indeed limit your business but that is the point! The misconception is in thinking that it is a bad thing because it is not, it is a great move for small business owners. Especially coaches. Even though it would seem you are leaving out potential customers, focusing on a narrower niche will help you grow your business by helping you focus all of your time, efforts and energy on those are the best fit for your business
  • I have to provide variety in order to limit the chance of getting “no's”.– Here is the cold hard truth: If you create numerous offers to try and avoid rejection instead of the right offers to grow your business - you will burn out. Hard and fast.

    How often do you want to sit down and want to watch a movie or tv show but haven’t a clue what you are in the mood for? So, you sit there flipping through Netflix for 30-45 minutes just reading titles, watching a trailer and going “Nah, maybe another day.” Next thing you know, it is time to get ready for bed or do something else?

    For me - it is more often than I care to admit! My point is - that too many options create overwhelm. Have you heard the term “Confused minds never buy.”? It is a fact.

    In order for this limiting belief to not hold you back any longer, you will need to overcome your fear of rejection - and that is a whole other blog post, my friend!

  • Potential clients will think I am less capable if I only focus on one niche. – Specializing in something specific shows a sign of confidence, not a lack of capability.

    Not only does it show you are an expert and confident in what you do but it brings us back to myth #2.  Your job, as a business owner and coach, is to help others with making a decision they can feel good about. The easiest way to do this is by making the sales process clear and effortless.

    The truth is, if you show up with limiting offers that you know is THE solution they need, they won’t even question what else you do or do not offer. Because if their purchase is a no-brainer - they will be confident and happy with it.

  • People want a one-stop-shop, in today's market. – This is true, yes, but YOU ARE NOT WALMART!

    Potential clients will be following you on social media, looking at your website, and subscribing to your email list because they have a specific problem they believe you can solve. 

    When you decide to specialize in solving a specific problem, you are able to clearly and confidently tell your clients how you will help them. In turn, you will be valued as an expert and not a “jane of all trades”.

There is a market for what you do, you just need to create it.

In short, to “niche down” your new coaching business calls for courage, confidence, and discipline. Leaving no energy left for your pride to step in and tell you to offer everything you know you can do.?

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