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Say yes to the things that scare you.

We've all encountered those moments in our journey.

Perhaps it's the nerve-wracking experience of going live on camera, with the fear of stumbling over words. Or it could be the daunting idea of running a marathon, all the while wondering if your legs will carry you to the finish line.

But what if we dared to exceed the boundaries of our perceived capabilities?

Whenever I've summoned the courage to say yes to those heart-pounding challenges, I've found a remarkable transformation within. I felt a surge of confidence, a stronger grasp on my path, and a truer version of myself.

In the early days of my coaching journey, I was invited to speak at a high-profile online business summit. The mere thought of addressing a large virtual audience was intimidating. I feared stumbling over my words, losing my train of thought, and the potential for technical hiccups.

However, I chose to say yes to the opportunity. When I delivered my presentation, despite the initial nervousness, it was incredibly well-received. Not only did I gain exposure within my niche, but I also saw a significant increase in inquiries about my membership. This experience taught me the power of taking calculated risks, and it's a lesson I carry with me in my endeavors.

Embracing fear is a profound self-discovery journey.

I discovered that confronting my fear of public speaking revealed that our anxieties often magnify the challenges we face. As I repeatedly faced this fear, I came to the realization that the audience was truly interested in the content I shared, rather than fixating on my occasional slip-ups. This discovery not only boosted my self-assurance but also emphasized the importance of authenticity in building meaningful connections. It reinforced the notion that our fears are often exaggerated, and it's our courage that truly shapes our path to success.

Sometimes, it requires reaching for what seems unreachable to unlock our hidden potential.

Now, the very thing your clients may fear most might not become their favorite pursuit. However, encourage them to embrace it from time to time. I assure you, they will experience growth beyond their wildest expectations.

Take Action:

Today, I invite you to say yes to that next scary opportunity. It's a step toward greatness! If you seek guidance in working toward your dreams and unleashing your full potential, I'm here to support you.

Embrace the Unknown

A quick poem to brighten your day

In fear's domain, I took a stride,
Found strength in what I could not hide.
Stepping forth with courage clear,
I conquered fear, and drew it near.

Joelene Mills

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