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Michelle Phan, The Entrepreneur

A decade after posting her first video on YouTube, Michelle Phan's name is synonymous for influencer-turned-entrepreneur. I am super thrilled to add her to the Savage Daughters collection. 

"What ever happens, I'll just keep moving forward. Like an avalanche."

Michelle Phan

She is truly a woman that inspires greatness! She launched the beauty subscription company Ipsy at the age of 24! In June of this year, Michelle transformed her Youtube channel from the make tutorials it was known for to 24/7 Magic Hour Radio.   Below read a snippet on how she speaks about her motivation to follow her passion and create a life her mom would be proud of.

Michelle Phan on the cover of Success Magazine

Michelle Phan = Savage Daughter

Michelle Phan is the first woman to build a $500 million company from a web series.

"Then I got this really amazing offer from a big beauty brand. When they told me how much money I was going to be making, it was so big - as much as a doctor would have made. The first person I wanted to tell was my mother. She's the reason I work so hard, and she inspires me so much. I said, "What are you doing?" She said, "oh, I'm still at work, I'm doing someone's pedicure." I told her that it would be the last time she would ever have to do anyone's pedicure and she won't have to work the next day because I would take care of her. We both started crying It was a moment that I'll never forget. I want more people to have moments like that."

Michelle Phan, TIME Firsts Women Leaders

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