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Inspirational Prompts for Christmas, woman drinking hot chocolate and writing in her journal with a candy cane as decoration

Success is easier than you think!

Do you consider yourself successful? 

I was thinking about this while driving to work the other day.  I was just put-putting along on my baby blue Vespa when, what looked like, a hard-core biker dude gave me the "biker wave"! 

This super huge Harley Davidson with tall-boy handlebars type bike with a big, bearded straight-out of Sons of Anarchy rider gave me the Universal sign of respect for other riders!!?

Under my "bad-ass but girly" scarf, that I wear to cover my face, I was smiling ear to ear! I felt like the most successful scooter rider in the world!  

Success is subjective, and what may be considered a success by one person may not be regarded as the same by another. Even our idea of success can change based on age or life experience. (Take my scooting adventure for example! At that moment, I felt like I "made" it.) 

So I am challenging you to define your success and to find success every single day - and celebrate it!

Take Action:

At the end of each day, take some time to ponder what was a success and on the things that brought you joy and unwind by writing it in your journal. Recognize that perfection is not always necessary and appreciate the sense of fulfillment that comes from achieving small victories throughout the day.

And most importantly, define what success means to you!

Me and My Vespa

A quick poem to brighten your day

My Vespa sings of carefree days,
Of peaceful moments, sunlit rays.
A subtle triumph, a subtle grace,
A reminder, success has many a face.

So, let me feel the winds that soar,
On my Vespa's wings, not a Harley's roar.
For success resides within our hearts,
Where dreams ignite and makes their mark!

Joelene Mills