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Joelene Mills Business Coach Getting over Self-doubt, Woman working at her desk

How I moved past my own self-doubt.

As I have been growing my business, sometimes it would feel as if life was just beating me up and spitting me out. It felt like I would never reach my goals or experience the success I desired, no matter what I did.

It had me feeling like my dreams were just that - dreams.

It took me a long time to realize how much power I really do have over every day of my life.

I had to ask myself some pretty specific questions and plan it all out, in order to move past those feelings. Questions I am going to share here, with you, hopefully, you won't feel the same amount of self-doubt!

Grab your business journal...

Here are the questions that you need to ask and answer: 

Have you developed your long-term vision for every aspect of your life and business?

Once you have planned your long-term vision for your life and business, break them down to smaller goals that get you closer to your vision. For example, if your vision includes earning six figures from your online coaching business, what will it take for that to happen?

Figure it out, write it out, and then map it out in concrete terms.

Have you translated your vision into a series of short-term goals?

Once you have a vision, you should chunk that down into smaller goals that are doable within a year or less. In fact, if you have a one-year goal, break that down 4 90 day goals, which breaks down into monthly, then even daily tasks lead to success for the longer-term goal.

For example, if you want to write and publish 50 articles in the next year, break that down into what you need research, how often you need to write, and actual publishing dates to make that a reality.

Do you have action steps in your daily schedule that brings you closer to your goals?

Every goal you have needs to be boiled down to doable action steps. Steps that you take each day to reach the goal.

For example, if you want to make a blanket for a Christmas gift but you only have 30 minutes three times a week to do it, put it in the schedule so that it gets done.

Are you taking massive action and implementing your plans?

No goal or vision will be realized, and certainly not be repeatable, if you don’t take massive action. You won’t get abs without working out, you won’t lose weight without eating fewer calories, you won’t start a six-figure coaching business without doing the business things you need to do each day that bring you closer to that goal. 

All this means is that you need to plan your actions to coincide with the vision you’ve created for yourself. If you don’t take steps and implement action, you may end up at your goal by accident, but it’s not likely.

If you really want to achieve something, anything, you can do it if you craft a plan that helps you reach the goal in a timely manner. It’s just like planning a road trip. You may get to your destination just guessing as you go, but you’ll be much more likely to get there healthy, happy, and in a timely way if you have a plan. 

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