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I choose what guides me every day.

I am not sure if you noticed but I recently re-vamped the home page, here on my website. This inspired my business bestie to take a second look at hers. 

She showed me her new home page, which in turn inspired me to write this article! Everyone should have a business bestie in their pocket. I am excited to see what this blog post inspires her to do! It is a beautiful and inspiring circle to be in, let me tell ya! 

She has placed her business values on her home page and they are so in line with her business, I just loved the look and feel of it. All this had me thinking about my business values, here at Joelene Mills Co., and I kept circling back to the nine principles that I live by.

So, while I work on my business values a little bit more, I wanted to share the principles that guide my day-to-day.

“Imagine a sisterhood - across all creeds and cultures. An unspoken agreement that we, as women, will support and encourage one another. ”

Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadel

The Nine Universal Principles I Live By:

I feel if we all put these values at the centre of our lives and allow them to guide us, we will all be much happier and have a more rewarding life. 


Be your honest self. It is the guide that will lead you home and enables you to live authentically and courageously.


Accept who you are. It will give you the ability to handle whatever life throws your way.


Courage is the principle that will free you from the past and enable you to live fully in the present.


Trust is the antidote to fear. It will guide and direct you so you can live a happy and fulfilling life.


When you practice humility, you gain a strong sense of your own worth that is not dependent on what you do, own or have.


Peace resides in you. It is the inner stillness beneath the chatter of your thinking mind. When you are at peace you will experience freedom from inner conflict and a sense of wholeness.


Love wants the best for everyone. Love does not discriminate or judge. It is your authentic nature and is always present.


Joy comes from within. It arises in the moment and does not depend on what you have or haven't got. Having joy will connect you with a sense of the divine.


Kindness is love in action. It is how love looks when you take it out into the world. Kindness will change your life and the lives of those around you.

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