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 Want to really get to know your audience?

Everything always starts with your audience. If you don’t know who your audience is it’s going to be very hard to create anything that they need. It’s so much easier to start with the audience you want to work with, learn about them, and then create something they already want. You can learn about your audience in numerous ways. For example, you can join Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, go to live events and more to get to know your audience.

When you know your audience, your audience knows.

Simple ways to get to know your audience better:

Develop a Client Profile or Avatar:  It’s very important that you understand so much about your audience that you can describe them down to the type of clothing they wear, their age, their sex, wants, needs, and desires. Create a profile of your ideal client so that everything you create is perfect for them.

Look at Your Metrics:  If you have already started getting traffic to your site, it’s important to install analytics of some kind. (Google or Hitsteps work great) With these, you can find out if the people you think are your audience are indeed your audience.

Build Relationships with Your Potential Clients:  When you do have visitors, customers, or clients it’s important to build a relationship with them. You can do this via groups, live events (online and offline), and even via email. By getting intimately involved with your audience you can discover what is keeping them up at night, what frightens them, and what thrills them. Knowing this will help you make more generalizations about your audience and their needs.

Monitor Questions, Comments & Other Engagement – Within your groups, email messages, events and so forth pay attention to everyone’s comments and questions. Also, notice what they’re more likely to share or like. When you watch and track enough you’ll see a pattern emerge that helps you know your audience better.

Do Surveys:  As you build your audience conduct surveys regularly. This will help you to know if you are connecting enough and well. You can also do surveys directed to your ideal audience by promoting via Google or other Social Media ads using software like Survey Monkey or even a simple Google Form Questionnaire.

What is important is to remember that the more you can get inside your ideal client’s head the better. You want it to seem as if you can read their minds and come up with amazing products and lead magnets that they already wanted before you offered it.

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