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Embracing 2024 with Limitless Potential!

As the calendar turns to a fresh year, it’s a time not just for resolutions but for embracing new opportunities and charting exciting paths ahead. I am thrilled to share some exhilarating updates and plans that will define my journey through 2024.

“Every year I make a resolution to change myself.
This year, I make a resolution to be myself.”

Joelene Mills

Here's whats happening in 2024:

STC Mastermind: Reimagining Growth

The STC Mastermind is undergoing a profound transformation! We’re not just refreshing its appearance; we’re redefining its essence. This is your final call to join us for the revamped sessions starting next Monday. Brace yourself for an entirely new format, a revamped look, and an infectious vibe that’s all about empowering you to seize control of your journey like never before.

 New addition to the STC Community: FREE Patreon Book Club!

In our commitment to fostering growth and learning, we’re thrilled to introduce the latest jewel in our community's crown: the STC Patreon Book Club! Dive deeper into our vibrant, community and embark on an enriching literary journey with curated reads that inspire, educate, and ignite discussions. Stay tuned for exclusive access details and prepare to turn pages in a whole new way.

Coach's Corner Club: Empowering Coaches, Elevating Potential

Introducing my much-anticipated Coach's Corner Club! For a mere $5 per month, coaches like you gain access to a treasure trove of resources: monthly training sessions, workbooks, templates, and much more. This is your ticket to elevating your coaching game and unlocking your fullest potential in guiding others towards success.

Exploring a New Fitness Journey: Supernatural VR

Personally, I am embarking on a thrilling adventure in Supernatural VR Fitness! As someone new to both VR and fitness, I’m diving headfirst into this vibrant community. If you're part of this space, I'd love to hear your tips and insights as I begin this exhilarating journey.

2024 is a canvas waiting for us to paint our stories of growth, exploration, and resilience. It’s a year where we push boundaries, challenge norms, and create our own definitions of success.

Every step forward is a stride towards greatness. Let’s make 2024 a year where we embrace change, harness the power of new experiences, and unlock our limitless potential.

Join us for the STC Mastermind, step into the Coach's Corner Club, and together, let’s sculpt this year into an inspiring tale of growth and accomplishment.

Wishing you a year filled with courage, determination, and unwavering belief in your potential.

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