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Every coach has their niche – much like your business – and within those niches, each one with strengths and weaknesses.

5 Coaches you don't have...

...but should!

It seems the current popular advice for growing your business is, “You need a coach,” and you’ll see dozens of people waving and saying “pick me pick me” and advertising for clients. But the term “coach” is extremely broad so, the key to hiring the right coach is knowing what you’re looking for and what TYPE of coach to hire. After all, you wouldn’t hire a college basketball coach to lead the school’s football team to the championships, would you?

No one coach is the same as the other, let’s look at some coach niches in full detail.

Mindset Coaches

A mindset coach will focus on your brain’s mindset, how you think and feel about your business and your life; and how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Mindset coaches do not solely focus on business; if you’re unhappy with any aspect of your life, a mindset coach can help you figure out your dreams and help you achieve them. Some mindset coaches are licensed psychotherapists while others are certified coaches.

Confidence Coaches

These coaches empower clients who struggle with limiting beliefs and shyness. Again, they are not focused solely on business owners; absolutely anyone who wants to combat negative self-talk and increase their self-esteem can hire a confidence coach. Some confidence coaches have a license as a life coach or have other degrees in addition to their coaching certifications.

Public Speaking Coaches

There’s much more to public speaking than reading PowerPoint slides. Public speaking coaches are skilled communicators who can analyze the effectiveness of your presentation; give hints about diction and enunciation, as well as give tips for making your presentation more engaging or entertaining. These speaking coaches can also help you combat your stage fright.

Joelene Mills Quote " A great coach should lead you to a place where you don't need her anymore.

Writing Coaches

We all know the basics of writing from our elementary school days but writing is not a talent that comes quickly to everyone. Whether you need some critiques for your blog posts or want to get input on how to outline your book, writing coaches are language experts who often specialize in a specific niche – book publishing, travel writing, food writing, etc. – who can help you convey your information in a more effective way to your audience.

Branding and Visibility Coaches

As you know, branding is so much more than your logo and your business colours. Branding coaches will help you develop your company brand – or your company image – and will help you gain the visibility (publicity) that you need to build name recognition. Branding coaches have a firm understanding of how to convey your message to your audience and how to keep your business image positive. And of course, saving the best for last…

Business Coaches

A business coach will challenge you to think outside the box, forcing you into stretching your goals. Of course, you have set your own expectations for your business, but to discuss the how-to strategy with someone who’s walked this road before—pointing out any roadblocks you may encounter and areas you need to strengthen is invaluable. Someone with a unique perspective and a history of business success will push you harder while also keeping on your own path. An experienced business coach will know which niche coaches will best serve you and should also have contact names and professional relationships with those in each niche. If you would like to talk more about what coach is best for you, reach out to me! I am here to help.

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