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The world needs coaches. The world needs you!

You've always wanted to help people, and coaching seems like a good fit. Maybe you are on the fence and wonder if you will be any good at it. Why not try becomeing a mentor and get a true understanding of what it feels like to help others in this way. I am sure there's a program for you to take at work or is part of your church. Or it could be there's a youth program in which you'd like to become involved. Whatever kind of coach you want to do, first, stop and take a bow. The world needs coaches, and it's awesome you want to get involved!

"...part of being a good coach
is knowing how to extract the best from different people.

Hope Powell

Now comes the hard part - where to begin. If you're part of an official program, there are probably already some great resources at your fingertips. All the same, whether you have help or not in getting started, there are some things you should know before you begin. Let's take a look:

Set the Ground Rules What are the areas where you're going to be coaching? When are you meeting? Where? Make sure you have all these details out of the way before you even get started.  

Do a Self-Assessment This is going to require some serious honesty. Where are the areas where you feel comfortable? What are your weakest areas when it comes to helping out? This helps you to set up some boundaries of your own. Maybe there are some questions you are going to have to direct over to someone else.  

How Do You Want to Communicate? Don't make the mistake of giving your client every single way to contact you. For example, it might not prove to be wise or even safe for them to have your personal cell phone number. Think about setting up an email or What's App account you use only with your clients.  

Know-How to Listen One of the biggest things you're going to need as a coach is the ability to listen well. This means opening a conversation and knowing when to sit back and say nothing or what kinds of questions to ask to keep the conversation going. Most of what you need to learn will be told to you by your clients. The rest uses this information to guide them on the path they need to follow next without making decisions. If you feel your listening skills are weak, this might be an area you want to work on.  

Understand Your Network Finally, you're going to want to give your client every advantage. Who are the people they should know? Maybe you need to work on your network to ensure you have the resources and introductions available when you need them.

Overall, being a coach isn't as difficult as you might think. Most of being a good coach comes from having a true desire to help others and a willingness to share your own experiences. The rest will come from there.

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