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Your Monday morning thoughts will set the tone for your whole week!

Monday Motivation Email with Joelene Mills, Woman reading a book on the beach, quote from George Lorimer

So, Make Mondays Matter!

My Passion Project is to make Monday your favourite day!

Mondays are my favourite day! You don't hear that very often do you? It always has been my favourite day and now, I want to make it yours as well! 

Sign up for my Monday Motivation email and start your week with positivity, encouragement, and intention! 

Each Monday morning your inbox will be bursting with inspirational stories, quotes, and messages from some of the worlds most captivating leaders, survivors, and every-day people. (Oh, and me...)

I am on a mission to help women create and live a life they love and it starts with sending good vibes and energy into the world first thing every Monday.

So, join me and hundreds of others in changing the world's view on Monday, one week at a time.