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January is the month to...Woman in the snow, drinking hot chocolate and making a snowball heart

May is the perfect month to...

  • Send Mom a bouquet of peonies
  • Day dream
  • Play Hooky
  • Fly a kite with a friend
  • Take a scenic detour
  • Sip fresh-squeezed lemonade

This month in the B-Suite.

  • Learning all about business management overwhelm.
  • Is your business vision incomplete?
  • Creating workable systems
  • Staying on top of your game.
  • What should you be outsourcing
  • Stop hiding from your business

What I am up to this month...

Hello May! Spring has sprung and I am sure there is only 1 or 2 snow storms left before we actually get spring weather, where I am, and I am so excited! Warmer weather, sunshine and rainstorms spark so much joy, I am giddy thinking about it!

This month in the Business Suite it is all about learning why your business is starting to overwhelm you. 

Put an end to stress and overwhelm, and start loving your business again.

Even if you haven't had a day off in months!

This month inside the Business Suite, 5 Reason why managing your business is overwhelming - and how to fix it! 

  • The most common cause of entrepreneurial overwhelm (it’s NOT what you think)—and how to fix it… no matter what your business is.
  • 5 critical elements to build a powerful mission statement—and why this exercise can quickly reduce your stress levels.
  • The secret strategies top coaches use to stay organized—if you’re like most coaches, you’ve heard this advice, but only implemented a small fraction of the tools available.

If it feels like you’re constantly swimming against the tide, and your to-do list grows longer every day, then this is for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to finally overcome the overwhelm and start running an efficient, effective business.