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Masterclasses to Grow Your Online Business

I am very excited you have found your way to my Masterclasses Course page! Each class was created especially for women with that entrepreneurial spirit seeking guidance navigating the ebb and flow of running a successful business. Behind these digital doors, you will find ways to work smarter and create more balance in your life. Implement systems, be more productive and get results so you can build an incredible business.

Where to start...

What is it you need, right now?

Each individual course gives you the ability to dive into the program that will help you and your business the most right now, without having to commit to a membership purchase or 1:1 mentor session. Some masterclasses have the added bonus of a Trello Accountability board, where you can be sure not to miss a single step and privately reach out to me for guidance, to answer questions and walk you through anything you need help with!

So, feel free to look around, pick and choose, and dive in! If you don’t see the training you are looking for, get in touch and I will be sure to help you find it.

5 Steps to Greater Happiness in Life & Business

This Masterclass s now an Executive Suite Membership Exclusive!

With this 5 – step program and workbook you’ll learn a few simple, healthy habits you can implement to put some happiness (and balance) back into your business–and (finally) set you on the path to your dream lifestyle.

Complete with an accountability tracking Trello board, you and I will work together to make sure you start living that dream lifestyle - without feeling guilty!

Getting Started with Instagram

This Masterclass s now an Executive Suite Membership Exclusive!

This 7 – step program and workbook will walk you through setting up your client getting Business Instagram account. From optimizing your profile, how to start growing your community, using hashtags, and more.

Complete with an accountability tracking Trello board, you and I will work together to make sure your Instagram is working for you and your business!

Business Budgeting


Having a business budget is essential for any size business. A business budget will help you make stress-free business decisions, such as scaling your business, giving yourself a raise, purchasing additional inventory or assets. It will also tell you if you are heading in the wrong direction, show you where you could be cutting costs and tell help cutting costs and help with putting money where it will have the biggest impact.

The Entrepreneur Masterclasses are in-depth programs with a variety of different resources. The resources differ, depending on the class itself. Tools such as workbooks, calendars, exercise sheets, templates, checklists, handbooks, audios, printables, and more, will be included to help you grow your business.

With every entrepreneur masterclass you purchase, you will have instant access to the resources, course accountability Trello board, and lessons upon enrollment. 

If you are stuck and unsure which masterclass is right for you, schedule a FREE 30-minute support session and I am happy to help get you unstuck!

Entrepreneur Masterclasses

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